WUN Hangzhou China Enterprise Conference
14-16 May, 2008

Integrating Innovation and Entrepreneurship

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This is the third in a series of WUN conferences focusing on enterprise, that have been held Chicago, Leeds, and Hangzhou 2007-2008. The ambition of this conference is to explore the collaboration and cooperation of international institutions in integrating global innovation resources to build new models and approaches to enterprise education. Conference themes include:

Global innovations and entrepreneurship:
    - Opportunities for entrepreneurship expansion in China
   - Economic entrepreneurship in Zhejiang Province: regional models and experiences
   - Governmental policies and support for enterprise
   - The transformative impact of entrepreneurship on the global economy

Social entrepreneurship:
   - The application of organisations and non-profit enterprises as change agents for the resolution of social problems and economic growth
   - Integration of social entrepreneurship into higher education

Innovation and internationalisation of enterprise education:
   - Integration of research, learning & teaching and enterprise innovation across nations
   - International exchanges and the training of new entrepreneurs
   - Opportunities for interdisciplinary and institutional collaboration in entrepreneurship

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